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Before you begin the application process, Please go through the Requirements

  1. Valid Email Address
  2. You will use your email address to create your account and it will be used for communication. We may need to verify your email address before you proceed.
  3. Scanned copies of certificates
  4. You will need scanned copies of original certificates of your identity documents and academic certificates. Your academic certificates will be used for shortlisting.
  5. Identification Documents
  6. To confirm your identity you can use a scanned copy of either national ID or passport Proof of residence
  7. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  8. An up to date CV or personal profile
  9. Academic Certificates
    • O` Level Certificate
    • A` Level Certificate
    • Degree Certificate
    • Degree Transcript
  10. Application Fee
  11. You will need to pay the stated application fee for your application to be processed. We encourage you to pay online using Paynow. You can also choose pay later and visit our premises if you wish to pay using swipe or cash. If you make a bank transfer you must upload your proof of payment.